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so my therapist at home was on the flight that crashed into the pentagon. this is the only person I knew that has died as a result of this, as far as we know right now. it sent me into shock. i met with this lady EVERY DAY for 5 months when i was 15. she's been a part of my family's life for 5 or 6 years now... as in the past few years she's been my parents marrige councilor. i have not cried, will not cry, but damn it. the LAST person i thought would be affected by this. christ, the goddess and powers above work in mysteriouse ways.

god damn it, pitty me

i have just been sent into shock.

Sherlyn Jenkins (my dorm parent) ROCKS as she let me go for a drive in weston from 10:20 until, well 5 minutes ago.

yes, my curfue is 10.

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