Nchanter (nchanter) wrote,

i.... i don't know. i feel the need to post. i feel the need to b*tch about the fact that darxus and i are STILL not living togeather yet. And, we knew it would take a year and that would suck, and i would do it the same way, but, god damn. It's like, when i want to get stuff done here, and he's there, and i wish he were around. and then he wants me to come over and cuddle and have sex, and i want to too, but well, i don't want to until i'm more tired, 'cause i can't come back here to get things done afterwards. If we were living togeather, when we live togeather, and when he spends time over here, i can DO that. This has just gotten entierly rediculous. And haveing him just *around* is calming i'm so much calmer in his presence. (and he's going to read this and freak out about what i'm like when he's not around. goddess i love him)

so i didn't watch TV for like, 4 or 5 days streight. i broke down today, and watched some, and feel like the life got sucked out of me. That's it, i'm cancling my cable. all of it. but not for another few weeks, 'cause asciikitty needs to come over and watch the last 8 episodes of Sex and The City that are on On Demand right now. Yes, i will eventually own them on DVD, but... *sigh*.

My head, works in weird ways at this time of night. i'm really a night person, except when i'm a day person. I dunno. Being on a semi-normal sleep cycle is WEIRD for me.

Now i'm feeling tired, which is right, 'cause it's almost midnight. i was going to try and be there hours ago, but i suck. goddess i love that he puts up with me. i'm not sure i would. (this is not license for you to stop dear, just, you know, that i do appreciate it.)


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