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Museings of a confessed mall goth.

Ok, i'm not really a mall goth, i mean i don't spend all my time at the mall. But i really do love Hot Topic sometimes (especially when they decide NOT to charge $40 for a shirt. their prices seem more reasonable since hootanany's (sp?) has been around.) I went out to the Natic Mall today after therapy (my shrink is in downtown Framingham, so it's in that part of metro west) to see if they still had my wings, in black, at Hot Topic, which is where i got them a year ago with James. Not only did they have them in black, they no longer had them, like that, in purple. they now had black sheer stuff with purple glitter spiderweb designs. I ended up getting them, plus another pair of wings, plus WAY too many clothes, though at somewhat reasonable prices (the best dress EVER for $34) while there. However, because i was in a gothy store in a mall, in suburbia, and it beeing the week before halloween, there were a bunch of 14 year old normals in the store. at one point i was looking at their pillar-of-wings and this little blond chick wearing jeans and a light-pink t-shirt, turned to ask me a question about the price of something. "um, i don't work here..." and she just looked at me and was like "oh" (you mean, people dress like that for REAL??? I'm wearing my red-trimmed bondage pants, black boots, and my Gama-Go red with black sleeved shirt. for real people, not all that freaky.) When i needed the help of a (cute) staffer to get some stuff off of the top hooks on the wall, i was like "ok, i just got to ask, working here this time of year with all the little blond 14 years olds comeing in and out asking stupid questions and being normal must suck right?" and she was like "yea, actually."

anyways, it was a very productive trip. so productive, in fact, that i am not allowed to by myself anything else i don't actually NEED until after christmass (this doesn't count any presants i might need to purchase. but nothing else for myself).

but yea, it was just, amuseing. and it brings me back to how much most of the goths and punks i know joke about the silly mall goths who spend all their time at hot topic, but how hot topic really has some cool shit somtimes. like this dress i got, i'm already in love with it. it just fits perfectly, does a good job with the cleavage, and is just pritty. and simple. and, you know, they sell wings that hold up fairly well, and aren't dinky or anything. :-)

*bounce bounce bounce wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee*

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