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I woke up at 6 am this morning. and by "wake up" i mean, finally gave up on trying to get back to sleep, rolling over, and looking at my phone to see what time it was. i groaned, and snuggled back in with Darxus. 10 minutes later, i realized i wasn't falling back asleep, and decided to go back home, so that Darxus could still get two more hours of sleep.

I give up.

A few weeks ago i started going to bed when Darxus wanted to, and then wakeing up around when he did. it felt good. then something weird happened; i cought up on my sleep. I started wakeing up at like, 8 (when his alarms normally go off) even on saturdays and sundays. and the past few mornings, i've been awake (slightly) before he's been supposed to get up.

This morning i woke up at 6. Eight hours after we had gone to bed. Well, nine hours after we had crawled into bed, eight hours after i think we actually fell asleep. this is rediculous. well, maybe it's rediculous that Darxus needs more than Eight hours of sleep, and i can't say that i don't feel a little tired this morning, and i woke up a few times last night, and i'm not getting as restful of sleep, but, well, i never thought i would catch up on all the sleep i missed in highschool. it appears that i have.

So now i'm gonna have to go back to crawling into bed about two hours after Darxus if i don't want to wake up at sunrise (i was hopeing to watch the sunrise, since i was up, but there was quite a bit of cloudcover.) I like getting more hours of daylight, good for my SAD, but Jesus, this is just crazy. Anyone have any suggestions? or should i just be thankful that i'm getting enough sleep when none of the rest of you are?
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