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Yea, i think i'm gonna remember this one for a while...

So i had my dinner date with ert last night. this has been getting postponed and stupid for a while now. We met in Harvard Square for Indian food, had some wine, yummy things, and were haveing a generally marvilous time. That was, until i realized i was haveing an allergic reaction to *something*

This is, upon reflection, not the first time i've had a mild allergic reaction, and not been sure what it was, while eating indian food. The last time or two i think we rationalized it as haveing been cooked on a surface that had also been used to cook fish. that was, very much though, NOT what this was. I was definately actively allergic to something i was eating. I stopped, when i relized which dish it was, and tried to continue eating the rest of my food, stopped with the wine, and continued with water. i got worse. i went to the bathroom, threw up my food, (which contained rice... not fun at all) and we left for his place so i can lie down (i had my car, he drove it, the sweety) he wanted to take me to the hospital, but i hate hospitals, didn't want the bill, or to be stuck with needles (ick), and i was concious and coherent, and while i was haveing problems breathing, i could breath still, and i was makeing slow progress. Ert gave me some bennadryl, gave me water, and was genrally a very excellent care giver. i got hives all over (had to take my bra off 'cause it was makeing my chest feel tight, so i got to see the hives on the underside of my breasts... fun!) and was very itchy for a while. he helped me to not scratch my skin off! after a few hours, i felt better and we snuggled up in bed. (i was obviousely exaughsted at this point, so nothing fun happened other than very nice cuddling) i'm feeling better, but kinda drained, this morning.

We deduced, over dinner, that it was the cashews in the sauce that was probably causing the reaction. i've had some mild reactions to nuts recently, nothing nearly this bad, and the entire experience was kinda scary, but he was great through the whole thing. had i ended up at the hospital, i would have probably called darxus and maybe annie, but ert was really very attentive and wonderful. it wasn't the first date we were hopeing for, but it was certaintly memorable, and was rather intimate in a strange kinda way. :-)

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