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so i made this REALLY awesome birthday present for grypes and i was planning on takeing pictures of it to post, but i didn't :-/ but just know that it was cool, and i've decided not to go into a detailed explination 'cause a few of you are gonna get christmass presents like it, 'cause it looks really cool, and isn't as time-consumeing as some other things i was gonna do. did i mention how awesome it looked? on the veign, i wonder if they sell barbie shoes seperately from barbie outfits. like a whole lot of them. guess who's going to Toys R Us on monday? (i might go sunday, gah, 'cause Darxus might want to go. that will be fun. really. gah.)

darxus and i just cleaned his apartment. the kitchen floor is clean for the first time since i've been dateing him (year and a half ish)

had another date with ert on wednesday. i didn't get sick this time :-)

Um, yea. my hair is still purple. fuck, it's probably more purple. :-)

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