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NTS: buy two more cookie sheets

This would have gone alot faster if i
a-had four instead of two cookie sheets
b-hadn't waited until 6 to start, and then not had enough confectioners sugar (4.5 cups is ALOT, but it was a trippled recipie)
c-hadn't waited until this afternoon to decide to make said cookies, after decideing this morning that i wasn't gonna have enough energy by the end of the day to make them.
d-had written down in the recipie, from last year, that the recipie really needed water. but last year sam screwed up the recipie and put in sugar instead of confectioners sugar, so well, wasn't a good way to judge. but yes, still needed water. and an extra egg. but tisana can eat these cookies (no milk, no milk products) so it's all good.
e-actually enjoyed being domestic for more than 5 minutes.

darxus is a dear for putting up with my bitchness when i get bitchy. i'm not an easy person to live with.


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