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I'm about to go get my hair trimmed, but thought i'd do some… - The Mad Ramblings of Nchanter — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Dec. 17th, 2004|01:01 pm]
[emotional state |tiredtired]

I'm about to go get my hair trimmed, but thought i'd do some housekeeping first.

I'm in Burke and New Ken from the 20th to the 30th. I *think* the current plan has us going to New Ken on the 23rd and comeing back the 26th or 27th. However, i need someone to drive me to the airport on the 20th, leaving here at 10am, 'cause i have an 11:45am flight. That's enough time to get me there, and check luggage and stuff. and have breathing room. Gas and toll money can be arranged for. It would be GREATLY appreciated, as i'm NOT parking at the airport for 10 days, and i'm haveing a big suitcase that i need to check... christmass and winter and all.

Tonight Darxus and I are going to Manray. It would be lovely to see people there.

Tomorrow we're going to the FFF. Fuck, that's tomorrow.

This has been a REALLY odd week. I'm really emotionally drained, and will be more so come monday. I'm really frustraited with a few things in my life right some, some of which are definately my fault, some that might be kinda my fault, and then some that are totally out of my control. I'm dealing with such things much better than I would have a few years ago. It's good to notice occasionally that I am growing up, but i still got a long way to go.

Internet acess will be spurratic while i'm in virginia (I can't bring my laptop, and well, mom has alot of work to do, so i can't steal hers) and non-existant while i'm New Ken. I'll have my cellphone with me the whole time, so feel free to call. If you don't have the number, it's in my contact info post which you can find under memories. If you can't find it, you're not on my friends list, and therefore don't need to get in touch with me anyways.


[User Picture]From: lucky_otter
2004-12-17 01:08 pm (UTC)
I so wish I could make it to the FFF this year. My exams make that rather.. not possible, though. :(
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