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NoVa Bound

I'm all packed and ready! But it's snowing :-/ eldrad has so kindly agreed to drive me to logan, and i'm pritty sure steve is gonna pick me up on the 30th. (he can drive now... weird...)

I'm gonna make another entry about my health stuff once i get to my mom's house and have some time, which includes answering rekling's questions in the post, because, well, she was quite thurough.

darxus is standing nekkid in my kitchen. (looking for my toothpaste i already packed)

I created a new present/piece for my grandparents last night, and got it all done before hitting Virginia, so my mom can be a little less nervious (though i still have to go out and buy mom's Christmass present, but i finally finished her birthday present, and she'll be unwrapping it on christmass, 'cause i want people to oooh and ahhh over it.) When i get back up here, i'll post some pictures of stuff i made for people, though not the really cool thing i wipped off for my grandparents last night/this morning, 'cause i didn't take time out to snapshot the thing. but it's pritty.

ok, i go cuddle with darxus now for 5 minutes...
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