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more e-mail bullshit

so my webmail provider deleted email for my domain, and all the data with it, after NOT telling me that the credit card on file didn't go through after they said it did. i *should* have been sent an e-mail, they don't know why it wasn't sent, and they were sorry. in the process, my address book was lost. some of you i have your e-mail addresses in other places (this happened right after i decided i should back that up in a vim file on serenity, but i thought of that in pennsilvania, where i didn't have access to a computer, let alone a computer with internet acess) but alot of you i don't. so i'm screening comments, and if y'all could leave a comment with your most recent/accurate/applicable/current e-mail address, that would be great. thanks.


PS i also don't have any of my mail from the past year and blah. msbutterpecan, if you could re-send me the evite, that would rock.
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