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F-ing Cold

"It's freezing to cold" out (bonus points for whomever gets the referance... it's kinda obscure, but mabfan might know. My Dad would) and I have to be at the porter exchange at 9. This wouldn't be too bad if it wasn't 2 out, (yes, it's 2(two) degrees out right now. atleast it's not -2) and if I drove it wouldn't suck too much, but I'm doing the T thing trying not to be a spoiled brat. I am not applying for commuter parking 'cause i don't want to take it from someone more deserving, like someone who isn't a 10 minute bus ride and a 6 minute walk, or a 10 minute bus ride, a 5 minute wait, a 3 minute bus ride and a 2 minute walk away. I was thinking I would have rather stayed at ert's place last night... but a 15 minute walk in the cold? depends on when i catch the BUS at. speaking of which... *foom*


*I'll stop gripeing one of these days, really I will. once i get into the swing of things. And it gets back above freezeing out (or near it for that matter)
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