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I'm trying to figure out what to say, and yes, i feel like i need to say something. i have alot of thoughts, and well, i think i'll process them all here, for y'all to see, and share, and comment on.

I went to pannels this year. I hadn't the year before, because darxus didn't, and i was *definately* glued to his hip. I figured i would be less glued to him this year, though i spent most of the weekend with him anyhow. i like him. :-) My thoughts on panels is that woodwardiocom is the mac daddy of all moderators, and i'm not just talking in terms of arisia panals, but for anything i've ever seen moderated. he knows how to put the smack down in ways that resemble not-being-rude. go him! I also attempted to say something at the LiveJournal panel i went to, and failed, and didn't just bumble, said i lost it, and let him move on. I'm proud of myself for that.

I bought pritty new pentacals from Angelwear Creations and spent *much* more money on food this year than last, which made for a happier con. I had one really nummy drink (that cost me $10) in the hotel bar last night. It was berrys and champaign and, well, nummyness.

Which brings me to snow. I am kinda glad that we were (kinda) snowed in. yesterday was probably my favorite part about the con. I saw more of my close friends than i had the rest of the weekend, and sitting around in the bar eating my ($11) cheese plate with my ($10) drink while friends were eating and drinking and chatting was just *nice.* darxus and I spent alot of time this weekend around ricevermicelli and danceboy which is always fun and happy. The dynamics between the four of us are really good and comforatable and just nice to have.

Saturday night I made it to the "club dance" thing which i had failed to do last year. The first half hour of music was definately geared towards a "we're going to bed soon" crowd. The music got better later, but i just got too tired. That and the music wasn't loud enough for me. when i can hear people's feet at the begining of the techno Carmina Burana mix i like, the music isn't loud enough. That, and i think the DJ made a poor choice of haveing it follow a really nice operetic *something* techno-y, and it was just too much right on top of the other. I need to get into better shape, which was also made apparent by the friday night drum circle, which i *really* enjoyed dancing at, but i got tired quickly, that and old dance injuries to my right leg acted up. i tried working more with my lfet, but it made me more concious of what i was doing, meaning i couldn't just get into it as much. but we need to start going to more things like that.

It was a good weekend, i'm (almost) sorry that these thoughts are scattered, but really, they are in the order of which they hit me, meaning they are in the order of most importance to me. though the thing i must say the most is I Love My Friends.

all for now, maybe more processing later.

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