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The migraine from hell

Ok, i've had worse migraines in my life, but none in a while, and certaintly non *this* bad since before I started working for the former boss... Chiropractic helped a lot, as well as with the back and the shoulder... which just keeps getting worse. Anyways, I went back to bed after Darxus went to work. Mom woke me up calling my cell 30000 times. Nothing wrong, mom just being insaine and leaving 20000 vicemails with "oh, one other thing" she was sorry to hear that i wasn't feeling well (after admonishing me for not going to school) but i explained that I was haveing (minor) light sensativity problems (the blinds are currently drawn, the lights off, the laptop screen is down to low, and i can't look at it for long periods of time) and my body was sore all over. Need to e-mail my TA and teachers later.

In other news, i'm doing better than I was last week, thanks for the support. Writing it out helped me out. I'm excited about my pre-practicum placement, which starts this Thursday (It's a once-a-week deal) and Is in a Middle School English Class. I'm not gonna say which one in an unlocked, unfiltered post, for confidentiality reasons. Ask me off-post if you are more curiouse (I might not tell you, but some of you I know I can trust, and might want to talk with about it) and I might make a filter for talking about such things... not sure. It has me thinking about how to handle journaling and e-mail and domain possibilities once i'm a teacher. But that's a few years off yet. not that my domain is anything other than e-mail right now, but that might change, esp if i ever get consistantly crafty to want to sell my wears (PILLOWS!!!)

Ok, too much light, must close my eyes again, and I'm gonna eat more leftover salad now.


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