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more ass kicking from school

So i'm doing a "book review" and they way i'm supposed to write it... i've just never done this before. What i have written so far is solid, but i don't have nearly enough of it done. normally, i'd be ok with this, but, unless there is too much snow, i have therapy out in framingham tomorrow before i have to go in for class. otherwise, i'd spend the time from wakeing until the time of class working on this.

I think i might give up and go to bed soon, and do the early-wake thing. and hope i can get it done in the morning. I did some good brainstorming first, I have what i think is my thesis, though haveing a thesis for a non-argumentative or comparative or reaseach paper is a little hard. It's odd.

His apartment is also really really warm. like 83 degrees or something. and you think the drafty windows would counter this, but they don't. dont' want to open one up, just want to go to sleep.

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