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This eavening started out wonderful. I was a little later-than-I-wanted-to-be getting to supercheesegirl's place but that was 'cause i was finishing her valentines day present (yea, i know, but hell, it could have been *two* months late) we cooked, played video games, and then decided to go out to the club. darxus had decided to go on his own, poor baby had hot women show up who wanted to spend time with him. saw some good people, but after a bit i started feeling panicky, and at somepoint kinda left Rox's Side quickly in search of Darxus to have him hold me. I knew he was there, and he's the safest person in the world, for me, to be held by when i'm feeling like that. I'm not completely sure what did it. Sure, there were alot of people there, but i've seen the place *much* more crowded. And sure. it was loud, but it's always loud. I just... one minute everything was good, and the next, everything just felt wrong. Rox and I go there around 11, and this probably happened around 12, and at about 12:40 I had enough and decided I was going home. Rox decided she was tired and left with me.

I'm now at Darxus's place, he's still at the club, as far as I know. I'm looking forward to him getting home and holding me, I feel *way* off. I'm glad he was haveing such a good time and that he stayed, and I'm not at all saying he should have left when I did, but I look forward to him getting home.

And now I'm very rapidly extreamly tired. I'm gonna go curl up in bed and maybe I'll even be asleep when he gets in. I hope monster comes and curls up with me; being in a King-Size bed by one's self feels rather lonesome.


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