Nchanter (nchanter) wrote,


Ok, a few of you have expressed remorse at being unable to help darxus move this weekend, due to it being Easter, and other things. Really, he doesn't have a whole lot to move. I, however, Have atleast twice the stuff that he does. While I'm trying to cut it down, atleast the useless crap part, I still have alot of furnature, and important things like lamps (lighting is sooooo important) that will need to be moved. While some of it will get slowly moved over (I'm moveing over a lamp, my stuffed aminals, a trunk full of clothes, and the toaster oven this weekend), The bed and other heavy stuff gets moved later. That and I'm a procrastinator. So there will be plenty for people to do. So y'all can feel redeamed and help me move! Saturday, May 21st. The 22nd is ricevermicelli's birthday, and if anything is going on for that, I'll make sure we're done in time for it. Also, I'll treat people to some sort of food for their troubles. So let me know if you're interested/willing to help. I'll put out reminders and more specifics as the time gets closer.

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