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Notes to Self on Patchwork

Masochist: someone who decides to use stretch velvet with other fabrics.
If you are sewing a piece of quilting fabric to a piece of stretch velvet, put the quilting fabric on top.
When doing patchwork with different types of fabrics, the squares will not line up perfectly. Ever.
If you can't figure out which is the "good" side after 3 minutes of staring at the fabric, it really doesn't matter.
Anything true of stretch velvet is true of other stretch materials.
Satin is really easy to work with
Vinyl is easy to work with, at least in comparison to stretch velvet.
Eyeballing it isn't always good enough.

Stop fretting, she loved them :-)

Future Projects

All satin pillows
All stretch velvet pillows might be easier to get a happy result if everything is stretching funny
Use random-shaped triangles
Use random-length (same width) strips

I should start setting aside a 4x4 square or so of every fabric I use, for future quilt.

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