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probably needless to say, i want it to be a week from now. I want to feel like i have the time to clean this place up, pack up the other one, and do stuff like call a chiropractor for me and boy. I need to regester for my summer class. I need to not freak out that people are staying with us in the furnature-less apartment.

I also need to spend some quality time with boy. I feel like i haven't done that in a while. Just laying in bed all day or going out to do something other than just dinner between homework assignments. I need to get this place in order. I know June will sneak up on me.

I need to tell Mom I'm not comeing up for the 1 year service. I need to plan us driveing the car down for car stuff.

I need to tell the Irish boy to fuck off next time he whines to me. I need to go kiss Darxus, right now.
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