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Finals Progress

Math Final-Done!
Math project-thought about atleast... working on it this evening.
Math write up-was gonna do one now, can't find the sheet! (doh!)

Psych Paper-Can't bring myself to do. Still trying to figure out if I want to re-work it or not, plus now I have new source material from the book I read last night who moved my cheese. Also need to watch Swing Kids still, and really should re-watch flatliners. Might not happen.
Psych Final-Over a week away, not on my radar

Education Project-Talked with TA about not working with Irish Boy on the MI part of the presentation. Good. This means I can just work on it when I'm stressed (and while people are at Serenity, if I end up not going.)

OK, looks more doable. But this paper is looming over my head. Should figure this out pronto. Maybe I'll start over...

And I need to call a man about expresses/ovenight ordering some bells. ('cause I called 5 minutes after they closed saturday; way to be proactive, kris)


PS I won't be at the diesl tomorrow. I'm not gonna even kid myself here. I hope to return next week. I'll only have one final left as of a week tuesday, and it's the one final i'm not worried about.

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