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Paper with a partner. I like this girl.

She's all sorts of stressed out. We try working togeather. She's like "I have so much to do, I have more than you do" "Ok, what do you want me to do about this?" "I dunno." "Ok, I'm giving you the easy part of the assignment, the non-math part. E-mail it to me by tuesday evening, i'll take your part, put it togeather with mine, and well, yea. Oh yea, i'm doing the hard part, and got us bells" "Ok."

Wednesday morning, is there anything from her in my inbox? Nope. Was she online last night (like she is ever fucking night?) No. Did I call her at 12:30 like I thought I should? No. Did I call her when I went to bed? No. I'm up now, to finish my paper (an hour or so) and do my part of our project, tacking it on to hers. Is there a her part of our project in my inbox? No. Is she online? Of course not. Am I thinking about calling her at 7:15 am. Fuck Yea.

I'm finishing my other stuff first. Then calling her. I'm e-mailing the prof before calling her. I was giving her the bennifit of the doubt the whole time. Man, I'm a fucking sucker for cleavage. (Perfect cleavage that puts mine to shame, on a fram that would make Darxus melt. Long long blond hair, a little preppy for my usual tastes, but damn, she's been through shit, that makes her 19 going on 35)


Those of you who I talked to yesterday, all two of you, will be happy to know that I have 10 pages of not finished paper done. I cut and pasted my two papers togeather. I still have about 4 sources to put in too.

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