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2 hours of ZZZZ's

Because I am a moron and a procrastinator (not counting in the time to cut pieces of fabric and stitch them togeather, only counting the time it was gonna take me to embroder, so i procrastinated teh fuck out of this thing) I got around 2 hours of sleep last night. I don't look like it at all (except for the hair. But my eyes, they do betray me) I must say, I feel oddly functional. I must say, I'm really really glad now I gave up my ticket for last night. I needed the time in the AM to slack, I needed the time last night to sleep, hell, this is only something that could have been rectified last weekend.

How fucking long will it take to dethaw grapeleaves for the Irish boy? Hopefully not past 7:30. Not. Gonna. Be. Late.

At 10:30 I hope to be back in bed and sleeping, houseguests be damned. except thelost1, who fucking stayed up with me until 4:30am, for, um, just because she thinks I'm cool, I guess. Hmmm... I should come up with something for us to do today, or tonight, as today, I sleep :P


PS The Damend thing looks wicked wicked cool. I might need to make a better version of this, or three, and um, pawn them off on people. Who wants number pillows? Alphabet? Stars? o.O I could do stars...
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