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College Thoughts

You know, I made it through the semsester, and, unless something unseamly happened with that last final, or our project grade for abstract algebra, I atleast passed everything. This is the first semester of my three semesters at college that I really actually made it through the semester. The first semester, I stopped going to one 4 credit class and one 2 credit class. The second semester I stopped going to all my classes (dropped 2, and got a grade for one of them because the professor was too high to notice that I didn't take the final, or ever show up)

My therapist was talking about the fact that I had actually done this at therapy yesterday, and it hadn't really hit me then (partially 'cause I hadn't done this last final yet, and I was scared that I would punk out for some silly crazy-ass irrational reason). And it didn't really just hit me until I was telling Darxus that we should go to the cheesecake factory tonight to celebrate. And it's like "wow, I made it through a semester of college, and I really haven't done that before" So yea, Go Me. And I think I've pulled some decent (though, not stellar) grades in the process too. :-)

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