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Shouldn't a LL warn you when they are haveing people come and replace your gutters, and not figure it out when the gutter people ring the bell and ask us for a plug to use the extention cord? (I nocked on the LL Daughter's door. I have no idea where the plug on the outside of the house are, and we don't have grounded outlets in half the apartment (yes, there is a downside to this place)

Apparently their banging woke chamberlain up. Grrrr.

Hmmmm... I just realized their ladders are blocking our car and his bike in....

Oh! I had a fabulous weekend. chamberlain is great to hang around. He tried giving darxus advice on how to deal with me. hehe. He told darxus to just do what I tell him, it makes life easier. Sometimes or something (I only overheard the tail end, I asked darxus about it later. darxus told him no. Of course my life wouldn't be that easy...

Also, nekkid girls should come nap on my couches more often. :-)

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