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So darxus and I are driving down to my mom's place on Wednesday. I need to get the car re-inspected and change my address on my Driver's License to mom's new place.(yes I have a VA license. I'm a student aka dependant. It means I pay so much less on car insurance than my MA friends.) We are staying with my mom Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights. Saturday, we are going to drive up to the greater philly area and hang out with m_c_t and thelost1 and whomever else attempts to see us (should we make plans to do something?) and stay with them that night. Sometime Sunday we will trek back up to Boston.

This is as much of a reminder to Darxus and Myself as it is a PSA to the rest of you. If you are a Virginia-type person and would like to see us, let me know, we mostly have evenings free.

Because I'm going to be in the land of "tie your hair back dear" I'm gonna need a dose of my world before I go. Therefore, I'll be at diesl on Tuesday.

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