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More ranty posts from Kris

So my Dr's office opens at 9. so I wait until 9:15 to call. I get their answering service, which says that the office will be open from 9-5, breaking from 12:30 to 1:30 for lunch.

Translation: You want to talk to a person, call between 9 and 12:15, and 1:30 and 4:45.

I called at 9:15. I got their answering service. God damn it I caused Darxus to cancle the camping trip, I'd like to see my doctor NOW! thankyouverymuch!



I have an appointment at 11:45. Yea. Darxus thinks I should call the resturants to get lists of ingrediants for what I ate the past two nights. I'm hungry right now, but am not sure I want to chance it. God damn it, if I'm going to go into anaphalaxis I'd like to know why first.

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