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I'm a fucking snob

First off Darxus and I are going to Manray tonight. Thought people might care.

Secondly, my real entry.

So this class, at Bunker Hill... I'm... bored if I'm not being a know-it-all. I already know how to write. We broke into small groups to give constructive criticism, and the people in my group couldn't come up with anything bad to say. At all. "Wow, that was concise, and it flowed." and other things. I'm hopeing I don't get the same reaction from the teacher. Except we had a little excersize in class and we had to paraphrase a 2 paragraph article, in an excorsize about plagarism and not doing it, and she found ONE thing to critique, which was a word choice thing that was borderline wrong, but would have probably been fine if she wasn't trying to find *something* wrong.

Yes, I realize I can't spell, but formal papers are run through spellcheck.

I'm afraid of being totally bored in this class. We've had 3 formal assignments so far (today was the 2nd class) and none of them are allowed to be more than a page. Because writing a page is hard. I can do a 3 paragraph essay, I learned that in 5th grade, and have been revising it ever since. My one-page assignment for monday? Summarize the story we had to read. Just the narration, don't go into any of the meaning. Make sure it doesn't go over a page.

And, I don't want to be the know it all. There are a number of adults in the class and I don't like looking like a bratty little kid, though the people who didn't show up monday were all younger than me, or it looked like it, so I'm not actually the youngest in the class, but still.

I also think I pick up on what other people are trying to say better than the teacher. Oi vey.

It's only 6 weeks of class, and 1 week is down.

and 3.5 hours of a boring class a day is just fucking tireing, esp when i got 1 hour commutes as bookend. I should start haveing lunch Cambridge or something on my way home, to make the day less blah.

Anyone want to schedule lunches with me Monday or Wednesday around 1 either in Harvard Square, Porter Square, or Davis Square? (Places I can get to on the T token I utalize and not have to get back on the T to catch the 77 back to Arlington.)

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