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So I spent all day doing nothing, it's not that it was too hot, it was just hot enough that haveing no plans tonight made me lazy enough so that I didn't feel like I *had* to do anything (other than take out the trash, which I did, esp since we forgot last week)

And just now I'm working on the crafty project for the girls. it's going fairly well this time. There are some parts that are turning out less-than-perfect, but those little inperfections are how you know it was made with love, right?

In my whole new quilting binge, I've joined quilting and people keep on posting pic of their work, and I want to post pics of my work when I have it, and I do actually own a completely shitty kodak digital camera... that can't keep battery life long enough to take it out of the doc. While I should buy a DSLR right now, I can justify buying a decent point-and-shoot, right? Like a canon SD400 or SD500 or S410 or S500? Sure I can...

The SD's are really fucking shiny...

I really really need new Icons, like a good crafty icon. Totally need a new camera for that...

Tags: crafty, purchases
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