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So any e-mail i've sent to a hotmail account in the past week i've been getting a "host unreachable, permanant error" message. This sucks, 'cause it's not the case for, oh, my gmail account. But i like

I've considered haveing darxus host my mail on serenity, and one of these days i'm going to have to start actually believeing we're in this for the long haul, but control over my e-mail... fuck... i think i'd rather do the joint bank account first then him having power like that.

I tried doing a support request through my domain registrar's website and their webmail service, and, fuck, that e-mail bounced, saying that doesn't actually exist.

This is a big fucking delemma. Haveing Darxus do my mail stuff means learning mutt (not that hard) and haveing bad ass spam protection and, you know, being able to e-mail hotmail and excite adresses again. But I like haveing webmail, and the thought of transferring at all to anything is fucking scary. If i transfer my e-mail to serenity, (Darxus's server) I'd also be transfering my domain regestration to gandi, because, well, namezero just sucks.

Does anyone have a webmail provider that they like? I mean, that can host that can let me send out things from and and all from the same screen. and such things. i dunno. i want what i have right now, i just want it to not suck. And I'm not giving up like ever. gah.

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