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So I called the customer support line (and was on hold for a half hour. seriously) for my MailIX service and the guy said he wouldn't blame me if I changed providers. This is rediculous. Yes, hotmail has black listed their servers. They provide service to too many spammers.

Really, what I should do is trust Darxus. It's free, I'll have instant tech support, and I can use sex as a tactic in getting things accomplished. Plus I can be *assured* that spammers aren't useing the same servers as I am. I'm scared to give him that much power, not that I think he'll abuse it. And I am hopeing to spend the rest of my life with him, one of these days I should start believing that it will happen, and if it doesn't, that he's a big enough man not to screw me over.

These things suck.

I can't believe I'm asking my friends page if I should trust my boyfriend. I trust that he doesn't lie to me. I trust that he follows our safe-sex guidelines, and I trust that he won't leave me for another woman. Why can't I trust that he won't cut off my e-mail? ('cause I've had an ex-boyfriend delete my shell account on our school server. He got a slap on the wrist. I became nchanter@csw for a few years)

Tags: darxus, e-mail, trust issues

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