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Free Evening

Not that I was actually planning on doing anything, but I have found my evening even more free than it was. Any suggestions? Dinner? Bueller? Anyone want to come over and craft with me?

Which reminds me, hey artsy friends! Anyone have old art magazines they want to donate to my collage fund? Or anyone have magazines/catalogues with unually stunning imadry? Cosmo, Maxim, Car & Driver do not count. But there was an American Express Travel magazine or something that My mom's uncle gave me that were *gorgeous* and I was going to use for collage stuff that my mom stole saying that I shouldn't cut them up. I hope she didn't get rid of them in the move, I'd be pissed.

Also, how does one go about finding copyright free images? Other than, you know, making images myself via a camera and photoshop. I learned how to do collage from magazines, but if I really get into this stuff and into a semi-professional level someday I don't want to have to worry about copyright lawsuits in my artwork. Stamping has occured to me too as a source of images. I dunno, I'm just thinking, and ain't too worried about it yet, or possibly at all. Just something to think about.

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