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Today is NOT going as planned.

Living in a 1-bedroom apartment was much easier for hearing my cellphone ring when it was in the living room and I was in my bedroom. Haveing a bedroom on a different floor makes that not happen as often.

I burned myself (boiling water) making gnocci. However, the gnocci is hitting the spot right about now. Also, the package fills up a cereal-sized bowl so if I want to make it for Darxus, I need to get a second package. Also, no leftovers :-(

Stores being open when they should be would have made Darxus's day easier, therefore mine a little less stressful.

Finding out that the tiki torch oil that has been sitting in the trunk of my car for a month (that I didn't purchase) ruined some pretty magazines and the case for my good colored pencil set. Thankfully the case still works, is just warped, and the pencils look to be undamaged.

This evening better be fun, or I'm resigning from, um, stuff.
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