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Good Weekend

Saturday I had to take the MTEL's, which sucked. But I had lunch with Gwen and Darxus and then I picked up Rox to go to an awesome party (as always) and got to see people i love and watch others spin awesome fire and just generally have an good time. Today I woke up and the day started out suck but that changed. we had sex! and I didn't need to ice my cunt down afterwards!! and i even enjoyed it a bit! yea!! I was later than I wanted to be getting to Zeph's to help paint, but I got to do pretty creative things to her cabinets so that's all good. And I was helpful in other ways, including driving her and her mom back to her place back in the city when we were done. :-) I like feeling useful. :-) And I came home and Darxus made me an english muffin :-) I like it when he's nice.
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