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"You didn't put a title on this post" -Darxus

I was hoping to process more before posting, but Darxus seems to want me to post now.

I rode on the back of his bike for the first time today. It was really scary at first and control-freak me almost had him stop. We rode around our neighborhood first, then stopped at Menotomy Rock Park and walked around a bit so I could calm my nerves. Then we rode to Bickfords. Going on Mass Ave for the first time was scary. There were cars all around us! And on Broadway I was so sure someone was going to try and kill us. But they didn't!

It ended up being fun, but kind-of draining. Next weekend we'll ride out to Acton to get me gear because GBM (the bike shop down the street) apparently sucks. I have a helmet and I wore my pleather jacket because, you know, it was something more than just a shirt. Next weekend we'll get me gloves and a jacket. Eventually, but not right now, I might get pants.

It makes me want my own bike so much more, but I'm ok with this for now. It also means that I can ride to look at all the shiny vintage bikes Columbus Day Weekend. I would feel all silly showing up in a car. I think I might pick up some film and shoot that weekend too.

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