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Not so sick [Oct. 13th, 2005|05:04 pm]
[emotional state |cheerfulcheerful]

So I think the worst of the "martian death flue" has passed. I had an awesome day at placement today despite the fact that my head was stuffed with cotton up until 11. I'm now home and didn't crash into bed, but rather am curled up in my bed on my laptop. cathijosephine is also curled up with her laptop in my bed :-) Whooo hoo. Poor darxus is at work.

Ok, paper to write.

Also, Kid I know at school (who I refer to as the asshole Irish boy) is apparently missing. No one has seen him since last Friday. People are going to try calling him tonight. Hope he's not dead. If he's in jail he probably deserved it.

Paper to write. Test I can study for between classes. Paper due at 8am. Bah.

Today was so good. :-)