Nchanter (nchanter) wrote,

That was NOT, I repeat, NOT fun

So I thought I was gettin better from the martian death plauge or whatever it is. I still might be. Get to class 5 minutes late because apparently bus drivers don't know how to operate bus's in the rain. Decided to move my alarm clock 10 minutes earlier to try and accomidate this (since it will never ever stop raining) Got through first class ok (except for the evils of poetry, but that's another post) And went into the cafe. Got a muffin w/creamcheese. This is my normal thing. Brought out my history stuff to study. All of a sudden, while eatim the muffin, I realized my mouth had no moisture in it, and the muffin felt very dry. I realized I had been chewing it for a while, and tried to swallow. That's when I realized I had trouble breathing I tried swallowing again. It didn't work. There seemed to be muffin lodged in my throat. I started caughing. I couldn't actually cough. I think more muffin got lodged in my throat. I managed to get out of the Cafe area and threw up into a trashcan out of most peopels sight. I was starting to loose my vision at that point. Manged to get all of the muffin out. Still had trouble breathing. Because I was so mortified I went to the water fountain instead of back to my seat with my full bottle of water. Tried drinking. Didn't really work. went into the bathroom. Caughed up/threw up mucus and stomach acid and water and a little bit of blood. Sat on the bathroom floor crying. I don't think anyone heard me (was in a stall) Went back out to the cafe. Threw the rest of the muffin away. Slammed my finger in the trashcan flap thingy. Supressed crying again. Tried to study. Failed. Words weren't working, my tummy felt ooky, and upon calling my mother I realized it hurt to talk. Decided, with mom, that I was going home, god damn it. Freakin' prof does NOT have a phone number in her sylabus. E-mailed her from my gmail account (beacuse I couldn't download putty onto the computer in the porter exchage computer lab. grrrr. and because they don't have the wifi connection up yet that they were supposed to have up 5 weeks ago) and told her I was going home, and breifly (not nearly as graphically) explained why. asked to be allowed to make up the test. Mom said she wouldn't yell at me if I failed the course because of the test. I'm worried about my overall GPA/requirement for my major. will cross that bridge if i come to it. Hopefully this teacher will be reasonable. I know most of this shit too. Took the bus home. Throat still feels like it swallowed and then regurgitated a cheese grater 5 or 6 times. Really. Stomach is doing only mariginally better. This fucking sucks.

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