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The Rules for Kris's Car

1. You MUST wear a seatbelt. You will be kicked out of the car if you are not wearing a seatbelt. Unless you are Griffin. Griffin is exempt.

2. My Car. My Music. DEAL. Unless you are Griffin. Griffin is exempt. Griffin is exempt because i couldn't do anything about it even if i tried.

3. If Sarah or Marcus is in the car, they get shotgun. If both of them are in the car there WILL be a duel with sporks or forks or cocktail umbrellas to deturmine who gets it. If neither of them get it, fight amongst yourselves, i don't care, i'm driving. Unless you are Griffin. Griffin is exempt. Yes, Griffin is a bastard.

4. If i'm not driving, i get shotgun. Griffin is NOT exempt from this one. If you are Griffin, DEAL WITH IT.

5. You may NOT light a cigarette in the car on the CSW campus. I'm not getting in trouble for your stupidity.

6. MY CAR IS NOT YOUR TRASHCAN! I don't care how much shit you had to crawl over to get into the back seat, if you leave ANY trash in the car, you forfit all of your rights (yes you have rights in my car. no i'm not telling you what they are.)

7. If you have a problem with the way i drive you can get out of the car.

8. If you have a problem with the route i'm taking you can get out of the car.

9. If you have a problem with my smoking you can get out of the car.

10. I retain the right to kick you out of my car at any time, it's my car.

11. Money MAY be requesitioned for gas at any time. You will usually be notified ahead of time. If this is a problem you can always pay 10 times as much to a cab that will get there 2 hours after i get back.

12. No bitching!

13. Yes, i will buy you cigarettes. $5 a pack. No i won't drive out of my way to get you cheeper cigarettes, 'cause it will still cost you $5. If there is a problem find someone else to cart your scrawny little underaged ass around. And i will not buy minors menthols, there is just something horribly wrong with that.

Skryptic (12:06:41 AM): i think i should be exempt from all rules
Nchanter X (12:07:07 AM): you would

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