Nchanter (nchanter) wrote,

I have almost 4 dozen bras of varying sizes and colors spread out over our media room floor (previously known as the dining room. also known as the theatre. I like to say media room.) They have been seperated into two categories... "mmmm... curves" and "voluptuous." I may possibly get another dozen from wench33 tomorrow :-) She already gave me some tonight. I think I might end up with enough.

Some of these came from the TJMaxx in Bedford, who is having a 3-day (Thursday-Saturday) "take an extra 25% off clearance items" sale. They have some (actually really interesting) bras that are marked down on clearance to $3.00. That's before the extra 25%. Wheeeee

I should sleep now. I actually did Lit and Education homework tonight too! Yea me! This is all without me having left my placement around 4 (which is late) I think today has been productive.


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