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Scheduling Stupidity

First off, there are some really interesting classes next semester I want to take. I *think* all of them count towards either my hist major or fulfill gen ed requirements. However, as a Double Major in Ed and History I have to take all four history survey courses offered by the school. I'm taking one now. Two of them are offered the same time next semester as my Ed class. I could take one of them over at AIB (kenmore square) at 8:50am, but I really don't want to do that. Gah. Other than that my schedule is looking rather peachy. There is a small possibility that I'll take a class over at AIB wednesday nights from 6:30-9:15, but that seems less stupid to me. And right now (assuming this all works out) I'll only have one class on each thursday and friday. At one.

But yes, this is looking up to be very stupid. And I really need to have taken all the survey courses by the end of next year so I can pass the History test of the MTEL. And I should figure out if I'm going to be an American History major or an European/World History major. Choices choices choices...

Maybe I can find somewhere to do all of American History this summer, and knock out both of those survey courses. That would be nice...
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