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Today was looking to be crappy. Weather, Power went out for a while, a 15 minute drive took over an hour, couldn't get onto my street there was so much snow, date got cancled, and i got my car stuck half in the driveway, half in the street, without Darxus here to help me out.

Today is now looking up. Got our oil account set up accurately after 9 months of trying. Didn't DIE on my way home, or even hurt my car. My neighboor helped me dig my car out and shoveled enough of the driveway for me to get my car in (her friend is going to come plow the rest of it tomorrow) date wasn't cancled but reconcieved (to a much more relaxing form) and I came out to my downstairs neighboor. She had been wondering who the chick was that Darxus was being rather friendly with at the bus stop a few weeks ago and is much happier now that she knows I know and am OK with it.

Go me being all positive like!

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