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Improvement [Dec. 21st, 2005|09:18 am]
[Tags|, ]
[emotional state |optimisticoptimistic]

So I'm almost at the point where I can limp around w/out crutches. Though I think some sort of walking assistance would be good. I could, if I really had to, limp about without them right now, but I'm trying to not aggravate the injury. This is good timing as I still need to do laundry before flying out on Friday. I think I will be mobile tomorrow. But I would really like use of a cane.

A-does anyone have one I could borrow for a bit?

B-does anyone know where I can get one?

I figured I'd call my Dr.'s office and ask, but I figured I'd ask the magic of LJ first...

[User Picture]From: katkt
2005-12-21 02:33 pm (UTC)
I've no idea where you might find a cane. There are a couple medical supply stores near harvard med school that I'm sure would have them, but there've got to be more convenient places for you.

Until you find one, you can use a single crutch in essentially the same way. In fact, I would consider just using a crutch instead of getting a cane.

After I broke my ankle, I spent about a month using a single crutch as a walking assistant, rather than a cane. It's functionally the same thing, but the crutch was better for me - partly because I was so accustomed to the crutch at that point and I was able to get more support from it, and partly because I had this tendency to lean and use the cane out in front of me that I didn't have with the crutch. It's a little harder to make an elegant looking crutch.

[ that was only after I'd spent about a month using 2 crutches as a walking assistant, but still putting some weight on my foot. It was a pretty bad injury and took a longlong time to heal. I'm glad you're getting better. ]
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