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Why I have little faith in Western Medicine

Even if I thought western medicine was all that, which I do not, the plethora of voicemails and messages and "press 1 for" that I've been dealing with would make me think twice. Unfortunately, I think this might be a problem I need to see a western doctor for. An Orthopedist, specifically. But I can't get an appointment with one to save my life.

Thursday I went to my GP. She wasn't comforatable with the fact that I still had sever pain around my ankle, and that I wasn't walking normally. She said there might be microfractures and wanted a specialist to look at it. She could make me an appointment in the office for Wednesday, when a specialist came in, but would rather I get it looked at sooner. So she gave me the number for an office and said I should stress that my Doctor wanted someone to see me before the long weekend.

I called that office. Becuse a motor vehicle was involved they wanted the name of my car insurance, the name of the claims adjustor (which State Farm doesn't have -- they have claim teams) a number for them, and address (which I didn't have) and the claim number. I therefore had to call them back when I was at home. Did that. Was told someone would call me back probably later that day.

Today I still hadn't heard word one from them. Called their office. Got sent to voicemail. Called my Dr's office to see if I could get in there on Wednesday. Was told I needed to call this other number for the desk accross the way or something. Called them. They couldn't schedule for that. Called my Dr's receptionist back. Asked to talk to my Dr. or even her nurse because I was trying to get in to see the other doctor and was getting brick walls. This was around 11am today. Both my Dr. and her nurse were busy, so she told me one of them would call me back.

At 3:00 I tried callig the Orthopedist's office. Got Voicemail. At 3:30 called back, talked to the receptionist. She said I needed authorization from State Farm before they could book an appointment (and that was after 5 minutes of pulling teeth to get her to say that) Apparently the person who calls insurance offices is out this week. Joy. I told her that I will pay out of pocket and just come in and she said she wasn't sure I could do that (?!!??!!) but would ask one of the Dr's secretarys who handle this stuff because I started talking over her head about stuff that wasn't her job (but was mine when I worked for Dr. Ezrin) I asked if I could talk to one of them and she connected me and I left a voicemail. Their office is only open until 4:30.

I'm calling my Dr's office when it hits a bit after 4 because I need to get into see someone and I'm going to ask for the name of someone else if they don't have a competant office manager who will make sure appointments get booked. That and my foot is in WAY more pain today and I was having more difficulty walking.

Also, my Grandmother's sister just died, and part of why I'm not going to the funeral is because I have limited mobility and it will be too much of a hassle. It also means my Mom is way distracted and not giving me useful suggestions as to what else I could do to get my gorram foot looked at.

I think today is sucking. And it's fucking snowing out again.

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