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Health Update

I saw the orthopedist yesterday, after much strife, one call from my doctor's office manage fixed the whole thing. I didn't have to go into his office in Brighton, but got to go to the Waltham office, which is just easier as I knew where it was. The nurse who saw me there REALLY liked me hair (as messy as it's been the past week or two. I just don't have the energy to do much with it other than pull it back) The orthopedist looked at my films (which came on a cd rom. Which I still have. I should look at them...) and confirmed there were no breaks or microfractures, and after poking at me until I hurt, decided that I just had really really really bad soft tissue damage. He gave me an air cast so I can walk more stably without the cane, wrote me a note for parking at school, and said he wanted to see me in five weeks. He doesn't think I'll need to do PT. Yea!

I now think I have Darxus's cold. My head and neck ache. I'm feeling a little stuffy, and VERY low energy, like more than what has been normal since the accident. Meh.

Arisia starts Friday the 13th? That's... crazy.

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