Nchanter (nchanter) wrote,

A more coherent post-Arisia post.

I was sick. I was injured. I still had a good con.

My Anime Hair was a success, though I was very happy when it was curly again.

I bought:

  • A "butterfly" necklace with black and white stones from Angelwear Creations
  • Two pieces of artwork from the art show.
  • A Snake. No, not a real on! It's fabric stuffed with sand or similar substance. Appropriately weighted.
  • Hair sticks from Terra Incognita (No Website) One pair of dangly ones and a more plain pair with three beads at the top.

I spent quality time with supercheesegirl (no, not like that) for the first time in over a month, and went on a long overdue first date with danceboy :-) I got to see thelost1 and introduced her around to some of the Important People in mine and darxus's lives. That was really awesome. I spent time on the couch. I went to panels. I got to see mabfan and gnomi and actually have conversations with them :-) I didn't go to many parties, and was totally OK with that. I drooled over doeeyedbunny. I snuggled with darxus. I followed ricevermicelli around like a lost puppy. I had a good con.


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