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i walked out of the dining hall about 5 minutes ago after talking with billy who was here to see meg to retrieve my stuff (bag and long sweater, black and sparkely) from the picknick table near the art building. i noticed from across the quad that janet was not sitting there anymore (i didn't mean to abandon her, i swear) and 3 underclassman trendy girls were. ok that's fine, not passing judgement, until i notcied one of them throw a black and silver sparly piece of cloth onto the others head. it shone raidently in the sunlight, so it caught my attention pritty quick. she then threw it off of her head onto the girl who had thrown it at her. at this point i'm joggin over there, furiouse as i realize that it's my "duster" they are throwing around.
i walk up and say "you know, it's really direspectful to play with other people's stuff, even if they are lying around."
"that's my sweater"
"oh, i'm sorry i didn't know"
"it doesn't matter, you knew that it wasn't yours"
"i'm sorry"
"if you are really sorry you won't just pick up other people's stuff in the future, ok?"

and i grabbed my sweater, and my bag, and stormed up to my room through the woods to finish my work for my joanie class.

i'm considering getting up at assembly, and not naming names, but saying what happened, 'cause i am completely and totally digusted. what happened to respect?
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