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Today [Mar. 27th, 2006|04:06 pm]
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[emotional state |mischievouscryptic]

Today wasn't going my way. My mood was bad, I was headachy, and I couldn't get anything done. Then I called my Mom, and it got worse. Then, while still on the phone with my Mom, it got better (surprised the hell out of me) And then I made another phone call, and things got even better. Tonight is D&D, and I get to fall asleep in the arms of a big, strong, wonderful man. Today has totally done a turn around.

*Nchanter knocks on wood so that Jo, her Changling Bard, doesn't die in the game tonight.


Totally unrelated, I just took some people off of my friends list. Try not to kick and scream too much. If you feel the need to ask why, e-mail me, don't do it here.