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For those of you who somehow missed it, I am moving at the end of April. I will be living with eldrad (once he graduates from college) in Cambridge near Porter Square. I have hired movers. I am currently not packed. I go to Alabama tomorrow until Tuesday. I expect to spend the majority of Wednesday through Saturday next week packing. What I could really use help with is packing next week. Currently I have no one helping me on Thursday the 27th, but really, any day Wednesday the 26th through Saturday the 29th that you want to stop by and help, I'm all about the help. And rest assured I'll feed you, through pizza or other takeout or maybe excursions to resturants. Odds of me cooking are slim, but better before I pack up the kitchen :P

Once I move, I'm going to need some help un-packing. My mother will be coming up for a few days around May 20th to help. I do expect to do a large chunck of it then. However, I will need to, you know, live there before then, and some stuff will need to be unpacked and organized, and help with that would be appreciated. Dates for that are up in the air more, as Monday the 1st I have D&D, and Tuesdays are always busy. But yea, let me know if you'd like to help out with that, and we'll work out a time.

I'm sure I'll re-post this after I come back from Alabama, (I go tomorrow. Ack!) but I wanted to give people a heads up. This is what I need. This is what you can do. This is me asking for help.

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