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Is this a sign?

So you know how if you drink a soda right after chewing gum, it tastes funny? Yea. So I had gum in my mouth this morning and picked up a case of cherry coke at the grocery store. I got home, pitched out the gum, and opened up a can of cherry coke. And I noticed it tasted funny, but I figured it was the residual gum taste. So about 20 minutes go by, with me trying to space out the sips, and it's still tasting funny. Then I notice my vision getting a bit spotty, and my head, in the migrain spot, starting to hurt. I take another sip, it STILL tastest funny, and then I look at the can.

I accidentially picked up a case of "C2 coca cola" I blame this on the re-design of the cherry coke packaging, which is less destinct then ever.

So I've drank half a can, about 6 ounces, of C2. Which contains almost as much aspertame as diet coke.

I am going to take 3 aleve, go out and get REAL soda, before the light sensitivity kicks in. I am then going to lay down until people show up to help me pack. FUCK.

For those of you who don't know, I am near-allergic to Aspertame/NutraSweet. It causes severe severe migrains in me. It's not a fatal reaction, like cashews and fish can be, but it isn't what I needed to have happen two days before I move...

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