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Not use to this...

I am packed. Aside from a few small things. I am packed. Early. Like, 24 hours before the movers show up I was allowed to go get lunch.

I did not do this alone.

  • Thank you moonshadow for helping me with my clothes (of which there are too many) and for making a plan!
  • Thank you tisana for helping me pack, espeicially the crafty stuff.
  • Thank you aelscha for helping pack, bringing boxes, and picking up a pack of death for asciikitty.
  • Thank you woodwardiocom for boxes, packing paper, packing tape, packing material for breakables, and, um, help with packing.
  • Thank you danceboy for helping with packing, and the backrubs.
  • Thank you ariesd and taura_g for helping me finish packing the kitchen and taking me out to lunch today.
  • Thank you pyrite, who would be here if she could, but listened to me whine about the process the entire way.
  • Thank you eldrad, who is stupid for signing a lease with me going to be the best roommate ever!
  • Thank you asciikitty. For being you. (And, you know, the help with the packing.)
  • And thanks to E, even though he's not going to read this, for packing and box procurement and stuff. And all the things he's going to help with tomorrow.


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