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I have internet at the new apartment

I am totally moved out of the apartment I shared with darxus for a year. I left the key on the window-ledge in the living room.

I will be at the diesel briefly tonight.

I am happy.


P.S. afterthought
except about my bed. I couldn't get the boxspring up into the attic at the old apartment so i had to buy a split boxspring to get it up the stairs. Never put up my bedframe there 'cause the slanted cealing made placement near-impossible. So I was excited to put up my bedframe with Eamon last night after D&D. And we put it togeather after some swearing, and put the boxspring on... and realized it wasn't going to work with a split boxspring. there aren't enough cross supports. Eamon took apart the bedframe by himself while I showered, which I shouldn't have let him do, 'cause the thing is a bitch, and my bed is just on the floor. And it's just going to stay that way. I'm done wrestling with the thing.
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