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Last night, right before bed, my computer was running real hot, and the screen went black. The HD and processor seemed to still be responding, but I couldn't get the screen up. Restarted my laptop. Noticed that the "battery" (vs "ac power") icon was up in the toolbar next to the clock. Went to re-plug in the computer-end of the power coard, and felt that it was in, and had not fallen out. Went to see if it came out of the wall. It was still firmly in the wall outlet (as it should be!) the little green light on the power cord was not on. The box part of the power adapeter was really really hot. I tried another circut in my apartment. The power adapter had apparently shorted, and died.

It will take 2-3 buisness days for dell to get me another one (that's what they said at 12:15am last night) so... With under 3 hours of battery life, I ain't going to be real reliable about checking livejournal or even my e-mail. This will allow me to get things done, like more unpacking and crafting and stuff, which is probably a blessing in desgise.

Call or text message me if you need me.


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